What does this mean?

Sometimes you can see a small symbol where an image should be located, why is it broken, what does it mean, and how can I fix it?

Missing image symbol is at the bottom of this screen shot

What this symbol means is that there was an image referenced here and it is now no longer available. It displays this small icon to indicate it is missing. 

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Divi Layout Builder

I have talked about the Divi Template several times and I use this regularly now for my premium sites. The layout tool that is used in the Divi Template is also available as a stand alone plugin.

It is a bit more complicated to use than the standard editor, however it offers endless possibilities. Take a look at the site below (the actual site is under development so likely to change before it is public). You can temporarily see the development version here:  http://wingrove-staging.uk/hhccc/

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Adding something to a widget area

If you go to Appearance and Widgets you come to a page where you can edit the sidebar and footer areas of your website. Note that the footer area may have been removed by me on some sites, and the sidebar may or may not be present depending on the page template in use.

If you have a sidebar visible on your page you can add something to it, or edit it by taking the following steps.

1). Go to Appearance, then Widgets

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Home-Start Birthday Badges

Home-Start Birthday Badges

I have built around 35 Home-Start sites over the past 3 years, many are on their second generation as I switched from HTML to WordPress 2 years ago.

For most of them, they feature a birthday badge in the sidebar. This is a graphic, and I usually place the next 3 years + worth of birthday badges in the media library so that the respective organisations can update them.

It is important to show how long an organisation has been established on your site, it says you are stable and are likely to stick around. (Regretably that is not always the case in these days of reduced funding).

Follow the link below, and you can download 25 years worth of birthday badges in a zip file. They go from 10 through to 35 years. After you have downloaded them, unzip them and keep the ones you need and discard those you do not need. Continue reading Home-Start Birthday BadgesFacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmail

Understanding your sidebar

Most aspects of your website can be edited using the page or the post editors. This is how you can delete, edit or create new content for your site.

There is one area where it is not so obvious how you can modify the contents.

If your site has a sidebar then this is managed from the Appearance Menu. View this article on Widgets to understand how your sidebar is managed, and how you can change the contents presented in your sidebar.

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