Migration to a new web hosting company

As of 9th of June 2017 everyone has moved their email (where I am hosting it) and their website to a new hosting system. The notes here are largely redundant because you should have already taken action to reconnect to the new mail server. I am leaving them online for now. If you are not sure and are experiencing problems with email, please contact me first incase your email is with a 3rd party provider. 

The following lists the process and steps you need to take if I have advised you that your website and email will be moving out from it’s current host. I have taken out a reseller account with a UK based company with a view to migrating all sites to this new platform. It is optimised for WordPress and based on the tests carried out so far offers better performance than the current hosting I am using. It also has some redundancy built in as well, and edge caching.

Within this package it is now possible to add IMAP email accounts with mail boxes that are 10GB in size. This should be more than enough for most small charities and not for profit groups.

These are the steps we need to take:

I send you an email requesting to move the website. When you received this message you should not make any further edits to the website. There is a risk that if you do the edits will be lost if I picked up an earlier version. Acknowledge my message.

I will then copy the hosting and set it up at a new location. While I am doing this the old site and email will remain live and continue to function.

I will then let you know on what evening I will make the switch from the old hosting to the new hosting. Overnight changes will come into effect and your new hosting will come online before 8am the following morning.

You will need to revisit this page to check on the changes you need to make in your email set up.

If something goes wrong, or you are not sure what to do, or need to contact me, come back to this page, it will carry some tips and things to check.


What you need to do

At your end depending on how your email is set up you may need to make some changes to your email client configuration. Instructions on what to do are listed below. If your email is independently provided by Outlook365 or from somewhere else, DO NOT CHANGE YOUR EMAIL SETTINGS. It is not required. You only need to change your email if you are using the mail in the hosting with your website. If you are not sure please ask.

  • Access to the website will be the same as before
  • Email passwords will be unchanged
  • Email server names will change. You will need to amend the entries.
  • Webmail address will change
  • After you have made the changes to your email client (program) email should come back online.

You will have access to a new control panel if you wish to use it for configuring email and out of office messages. You can also block countries from accessing your hosting space. Accounts also support https:// for security and encryption if you need it. This is included but needs to be turned on to use it.


I have in the past told people not to set up IMAP accounts because they take up a lot of space. We are not space constrained on this new system (within reason). You can have up to 10 x 10GB IMAP accounts.

Most of you are using POP3 accounts in Outlook. If you wish to retain this the changes are easy. Go into Outlook and take the following steps:


Account Settings, click on the box and choose Account Settings again

You will then see a list of email accounts, perhaps there is only one on your system. Choose the one that uses the domain name of your website to highlight it.

Click on CHANGE

A form pops up.

In the box Incoming mail server overwrite what is in there changing it to:


In the box below that it says Outgoing mail server (smtp) change this to:


That is all you should need to change to get back online. If it not working please let me know.


The mail accounts can be accessed through a web browser, you need to go to the following address:

http://stackmail.com  Enter the full email address and password to access the email web client.

Your old webmail address may still be active, but not through your domain name. To access US based hosting go to here: https://secure154.servconfig.com:2096 for old UK based webmail hosting you need to go to here: https://host31.registrar-servers.com:2096

In both cases enter the full email address and password. Both of these email portals will stop functioning once you confirm your systems are up and running. I will remove them from the old hosting.

The following is optional and available…


The new hosting offers the possibility of using IMAP. IMAP is useful where you have one online email account and multiple devices accessing it. Your mail remains online so you can access the same account by using say an iPhone, iPad, PC and a MAC to access the same mail account.

The mail box size is up to 10GB, so much larger than the previous mail boxes.

The best way to use it is to create a NEW account and folder in Outlook. Leave the POP3 account, this retains your old email. You can move it over later.

Creating an IMAP account

The following assumes you are using Outlook.

Click on File, then Accounts and choose New, skip the auto account set up and choose Manual Setup or additional server types in the bottom left hand corner. Then click on Next.

You have several options for server types. Choose POP or IMAP (bottom of the three choices).

Click on Next

Fill in your name as you wish others to see it.

Your full email address

Choose Account Type: IMAP

In the box Incoming mail server enter the following:


In the box below that it says Outgoing mail server (smtp) change this to:


Followed by the full email address for logon information User Name

and the password you have been assigned or updated.

At this point you can decide how many months of email to keep on the server. Choose 6 months.

Next choose More Settings button in the bottom right of the form.

Choose the tab: Outgoing Server

Check the box: “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication

Check the radio button Use the same settings as my incoming mail server.

Click on the advanced tab.

Enter 993 in the box which asks for incoming server (IMAP)

Use the following connection: SSL from the pull down.

Enter 465 in the box which asks for Outgoing server (SMTP)

Choose SSL for the encrypted connection.

Finally click on OK. Then Next.

This will test your settings and confirm everything is ok.

Any problems please drop me a line.

Next using the new hosting