Trouble Shooting Guide

Email may sometimes fail to reach the intended recipient and may sometimes fail to get to you. The systems associated with sending email and receiving mail are quite complex, but they generally let you know if there is a problem by sending you an error message. This contains clues as to why mail has failed. If you get one of these send it to me and I will try to decipher it for you.

For all other cases I have produced an interactive PPT slide show that you can navigate through. Unlike a more typical PPT slide show, these slides contain links to other slides in the slide show. So you navigate through the slide show depending on what tests you need to carry out. Pages either contain tests, or links to sites where you can perform tests and get results back.

Hopefully you will find it both useful and self explanatory, you do not need to know what all of the terms mean, but you do need to carry out some tests to check things. The only term you may not be readily familiar with is “domain name” this is basically the name of your organisation as seen on the Internet without the http://www. part. So in my case this domain name is called  In some of the tests you need to enter either your domain name in a form, or the senders / recipients domain name in the form to check whether there are any issues.

MS Powerpoint versions

There are three versions of this, download it and open it. There are no macros in these PPT’s but there is navigation between slides enabled:

email troubleshooting Powerpoint 97-2003 (ppt) can be downloaded from here

email troubleshooting Powerpoint 2007 – (pptx) can be downloaded form here

Also in PDF format

If you do not have PowerPoint on your system you can download a PDF version. However please note the “return to previous” slide links at the bottom of the pages do not work. The links to specific slides do work. So you will have to find your own way back to the the troubleshooting list.

Email Troubleshooting guide (PDF version)

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