Using Webmail

The following describes how you can access webmail.

If you are only interested in webmail you can access by viewing your home page in a web browser. Then editing the URL and adding /webmail on the end of the address of your website.

For example: would be edited to be  When you enter that you will see the screen below:

Webmail interface

Enter your FULL email address in here, and your password. The next screen will give you a choice of web email clients, I generally recommend Squirrelmail.

The first time you choose this you will see a setup screen. You can fill in as much or as little as you wish, but do change the following:

Squirrel Mail Config

Put an Email reply address into the form (a Full Name as well if you wish) and select a timezone. Then click on submit. The timezone is important otherwise you will receive messages with a different time on them because the server is based in the USA.

Next you are taken to the mailbox. From here it should be intuitive on how to use it.

Pros and Cons.

The benefits of webmail are that it can be accessed from any device with a web browser. Note that you are looking through a virtual window at the mail on your server, it is not actually stored on the device you are using if you are using webmail. This means you can go to a different device and still see the same view. Access is also carried out over a secure connection (https).

The cautions with using it are never save passwords on a publically accessible computer. In fact from my point of view I would never access webmail on a device that I did not own or control. So use with caution. (The reason I would be cautious about accessing mail from a public computer is that I would not know if my keystrokes are being stored and therefore my mailbox could be compromised.) You are however safe accessing webmail from a device that you control provided you have decent anti-virus (if applicable) and security on the device.


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