Some checks to make

One of the things I try to provide is a one stop shop for email and for the website. While moving people over the past 6 weeks, it has become apparent that some people are still using 3rd party email systems. That is absolutely the right thing to do if you consciously set it up to work in that way. Particularly those of you that have moved to Outlook 365 which uses cloud based email.

Who sources your email?

However in a few cases I have found email is being used through a 3rd party provider, but nobody knows why. The issue here is you may be paying twice for hosting.

There is another case where people are using hotmail, yahoo or gmail accounts. Possibly because they did not realise they could use an email account with their domain name. Continue reading Some checks to make


TalkTalk Mail problems

(22nd November 2015)

There have been several instances of issues sending mail into the following domain names which I think all fall under the Talk Talk group of companies. I have seen another mail rejected message this morning to a recipient.

Each time I see these problems or someone reports a mail rejected message I get in contact with the sending hosting company and ask them to check. They report back that the issue lies with Talk Talk.

There seems to be some evidence that this group of domains have tightened up their security with regards to email. It has progressively got more and more complicated this year, most likely because of the high volumes of emails being sent by spammers. Various checks are being carried out to ensure that the server associated with a domain is really where the mail came from, and not from a 3rd party. Continue reading TalkTalk Mail problems


Who owns your domain name?

I am not trying to be alarmist here, be assured that despite reading this below; if I set up your domain name for your organisation then you own it. However problems can occur, so I have several examples I have given below to illustrate them, and what happened as a result.

The following article largely applies to and domain names. I have had direct experience in these cases, ICANN controls other domain names like .com. They will have similar processes in place.

It is possible to look up your domain name using a “whois” service. For and, these are managed by Nominet. You can go to this page, enter your domain name and see what is recorded about it.

I generally take out domain names for new clients using one of two accounts. The majority are held with my registrar, and I am the registrant. Because I have an account with my details are automatically entered against the domain names. However I can edit some of the fields on request.

Why is this important?

The person that holds your domain name, also controls where DNS is located, this is the service that connects a user looking for to the right web server. It also affects mail as well. So in the wrong hands, you can end up in trouble if you are not careful. Your mail could suddenly turn off along with your website.


Case 1: The registrant passes away

While replacing and moving an existing site I needed access to the domain name. Continue reading Who owns your domain name?