I will be placing several articles in here on security, how it works, common methods hackers use to get into your sites, looking after your own systems and other related areas.

This will happen over time. I have witnessed some hacking activity on 4 sites over the past 3 years, I have also tried a number of counter measures and worked with  the hosting company to try to understand how these events happen and the best defence against them.

Only the paranoid survive

The reality is that you should expect it to happen at some point. With that in mind you can use your own defensive strategy by backing up your site frequently after it has been edited, keeping passwords tough to guess.  This is probably the best defence, because it means you can get back up and running moderately quickly. Obviously we would need to verify that the backup does not contain the hacked code before we restore a site! I will assist you in that process. If you are hosting with me, then I take backups four times a year, possibly more. But do ensure you take your own, they will be more frequent than mine. (See the tutorial on backing up).

However do not assume that it will never happen to you. It is much better to be prepared than have no preparation and it happens to you. “Only the paranoid survive”.

Proposed Topics

The importance of passwords.  (19/01/2015)

Defence starts at Home….           (19/01/2015)

Where the vulnerabilities exist (tbd)

Hacking Case Study (via Hosting) (tbd)

What does a hacker do?  (tbd)

How do I recover from a hacked site (tbd)

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