Promoting Sponsors

As I pretty much exclusively deal with charities, most of you are seeking support through traditional funding sources which we all understand have been drying up during the recession, and will probably continue to do so. Some of you however are looking at novel ways of getting sponsorship from organisations.

There is currently an example at the bottom of the home page for Home-Start Gosport and Fareham based on the south coast.

In this case anyone landing on the home page and working their way down the content can see that the organisation is recognising the sponsorship of the Local Property Index. It is simple to add an image, and place a link under the image to the sponsors site. If the sponsors site is using Google Analytics then they will be able to tell how many referrals came from the website.

Some may consider an advert like this to be a little too obtrusive, it could have been added elsewhere. This is ultimately a decision made by the client.

However the lesson here is know that it is easy to do (and remove) and it can generate revenue for you with the right sponsor.

You can see the site here: go to the bottom of the page to see the implementation.


Check Out TT-Exchange

I was asking a few questions prior to a new website deployment the other day that related to which mail client the office had in use. This particular group had the Home and Student version of Microsoft Office. I asked how much they paid for it, and they had three seats at around £90 per seat. This is the full commercial price. The Home and Student version of MS Office does not include Outlook. So they still needed an email client or they would need to handle all email through a web based client.

Great Deals for Charities!

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News on MS Office 365 deployment (for free).

Further to my earlier comments about working with a remote group who are trying to set up and acquire Office 365 for free (on a charitable basis), we have worked through the email settings that are required to get mail from their domain redirected to Office 365 Outlook today. The next step is the group need to apply for the Applications by registering their charitable status with the provider. More on this once I hear back from them. If they get past this last hurdle then they will have access to the lastest MicroSoft applications at zero cost.

I have also located a Microsoft article on how to get Office 365 for free. You can find it here: to apply to try it for free go to the bottom of the page (on the website link) and start there. 

If I am looking after your email and/or domain name I can help change the server settings so that MS Office 365 will work for your organisation. All you need is someone at your end to make the changes to your systems and lead the migration.

Also check out TT Exchange; I put a brief article together on this organisation.