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Welcome to Wingrove-Services

Sister site of Wingrove-Media.Com

This site has been created for the charities and organisations I am hosting and supporting. It contains tutorials on editing WordPress websites, managing email and cPanel. It covers many of the day to day editing tasks that you may wish to carry out along with other useful information about looking after your PC systems, hosting and email configuration.

I have been developing sites for various groups across the UK for just over 6 years. My original philosophy still stands which is to make each organisation independent so that they can manage their own sites, set up email, and keep their websites up to date with new information without resorting to use 3rd parties to manage their sites.

For charities and CIC organisations this is very important, as it allows more funding to be applied to the services each provides, rather than internal funding being used to acquire outside IT services.

This site is not aimed at marketing, it is aimed at providing support to my clients.

Self Help

I have built over 180 sites ( August 2017), Around 130 of these are WordPress based which I exclusively use now, many are on their second or even third generation. While I do not get many support calls I have reached a point where it would be more efficient to create an online resource providing self help to my client base. That way potentially everyone has access to the answers of FAQs. If I am asked a question and I consider the answer to be of value to others, I will create an answer and place it on this site.

Wingrove-Media.com will remain as the marketing and promotional side of my day to day operations. Wingrove-Services.co.uk has been created to provide an online resource for those people I have built and host sites for. It is provided to those that wish to learn how to manage and edit their sites and carry out other common tasks and be independent, and therefore save money.

Almost without exception I deal with people that do not come from an IT background, and only know the basics of using a computer (how to edit a Word document and how to use a web browser). That is all you need. I do the heavy lifting, get you set up and you can manage what is left. At the end of the day this is largely like a utility and does not require a lot of maintenance.

Is everything available to everyone?

Some aspects of this site are password controlled. The reason for this is not because there is anything that is particularly secret on the site. It is because much of the content is specific to my client base and their WordPress implementation, so it will be of little value to other people. For someone looking for an introduction to WordPress there are more generic sites that will provide a broader picture. I recommend starting here, or for a technical introduction go to here.

Can I get access to the information?

I will provide you with the login credentials to access the full site. If you are already one of my clients and have found this site but cannot access the password protected areas please drop me a line at the usual address.

Using the Site

It may not be immediately obvious but there is a lot on this site. To use it effectively please go to How to Use this Site to get the most out of it.

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