I have a website what now?

This is a reminder to everyone that has recently joined us, and for those of you who joined some time ago and would like more traffic.

Please check out this page. It is directly accessible from the menu, but it includes a summary of what I do when your site is release, and what you need to do. If you have conducted a Google Search for your entity name and it is not coming up on page one, check this page first. Post Launch Things To Do and make sure you have checked it.

If you are still not coming up on page one of Google, let me know and I will investigate.


2 thoughts on “I have a website what now?”

  1. Hi Mark
    Is there anything we can do about our listing on Bing? I followed your guidance on checking the Google listing and that is fine, but we had a situation a couple of weeks ago where a lady couldn’t find the centre, and I think it was because when you put our details into Bing it comes up with another Centre. See below

    It would be useful if we could do something about that..

  2. You are at the top of the Bing search, the item you can see right at the very top does not show a URL and is I think a promotion, so someone is paying for it to appear there because it features a close match to the search terms: hemel+hempstead+child+contact+centre. Search engines will treat each word as a separate term unless you enclose them in a quote like this: ‘hemel hempstead child contact centre’ then it searches for a match on the phrase.

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