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As you must be aware now, the majority of sites I have built over the past 15 months have been based on the Divi Template by Elegant Themes. This template continues to be developed by the author and his team and continues to offer some key differentiation from the more standard templates seen in WordPress.

It takes a little getting used to if you formerly used a template such as TwentyTen, TwentyEleven, TwentyTwelve or TwentyFourteen (standard WordPress templates I used a few years ago). But it continues to be the most powerful and visually interesting templates I have come across.

Here are the latest sites I have released over the past month


This is a community based bus service in Bedfordshire. This is the third community bus service website I have built. I critically looked at the user experience on this site within the context of the template, and looked at ways of creating the content so that all of it was searchable. I also looked at the facility to add a message about service availability in one place and have it appear in multiple places on the routes pages.

This site uses some of the clever presentation methods available in the Divi template. It also uses CSV files to display the timetables. This method makes it very easy to navigate the timetables and update them from a master source file.

You can click on the image below to visit the site or click here: Flittabus

Flittabus website. Click on the image to visit the site.
Flittabus website. Click on the image to visit the site.

CHAT Charity

CHAT Charity is an organisation that provides respite care for the parents and carers of disabled children. I built the original website around three years ago for this charity which is based in Aylesbury Bucks. They have been through a rebranding exercise and within that process agreed to have their site updated. It was formerly built using the WordPress TwentyFourteen template which a lot of my sites still use. I ported the content over to a Divi based version which you can see here: Chat Charity Website

Chat Charity website
Click on the image to visit the site


Some of you may know that apart from my interests in supporting charities and not for profit groups and photography, I am also a rock musician (bass). I have a circle of fellow musicians that I keep in contact with.

In this case one of them had joined a band, and the website was in need of upgrading to make it more flexible and easy to change. I took the existing content from the old site, you do not necessarily need access to the admin side of a site to do this, you can copy sections directly from the browser. I copied the content across and did some reformatting and placed the site in a WordPress framework. The owner of the site was then able to edit the content to bring the site up to date.

If you have friends or colleagues where this type of service may be useful, please put them in touch.   You can visit the Hogwild website here.

Parkinsons West Herts

This is a rework of an older Parkinson’s website that was built using the WordPress TwentyFourteen Template. I had released a Parkinson’s website for Parkinson’s Peterborough in the summer, and the website manager for the West Herts branch asked about an upgrade to the new template.

We worked together on this project, because it would not have been cost effective for the organisation to upgrade everything. If you are reasonably up to speed with editing, and have a large site, I am happy to work with you on an upgrade at a lower cost than me doing all of the work. This is especially important using the Divi template, because each page has to be deconstructed to move it into a new template. It is not difficult, but it is time consuming.

But the offer is there, if you want to share the work in moving a site over to a new template please get in touch.

The new Parkinson’s West Herts site is here:

Have a query? Please contact me for more information.


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