Email Clients

An email client is the program that you use to read and access your email. Typically this has been Microsoft Outlook for businesses and organisations. Other forms of email client are web based such as the web mail applications used with Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail.

MS Outlook

Some years ago Microsoft stopped shipping Outlook as a mail program in all of the MS Office Suites, they lowered the price and provided home and student editions that had Outlook missing. Only the professional versions had Outlook included.

Some charitable organisations may choose to purchase the lower cost version of MS Office to save money, and therefore not have Outlook as a mail client available. (Do check this page out if you want a low cost version of MS Office for your charity).

I have worked with some organisations that just use web based email. Using a computer vs web based mail client has several advantages, one of which is you do not leave all of your mail accumulating on the web. You download it onto your computer. This might be more secure than leaving it on the web if you are using weak passwords.

So what can you do if you do not use Outlook?

No Outlook = No problem

Mozilla, the same people that created the Firefox web browser have a free email client solution called Thunderbird which is quite popular. It attempts to emulate the services available within Outlook.

You can download it from here. I have recently worked with an organisation that uses Thunderbird. I had to install it on my system to check the settings. It worked moderately well from the installation. the steps below show you how you can add this to your system, and how to manage it within an organisation.

Where is your server based?

I currently use two reseller hosting companies. One is in the USA and one is the UK. The one in the UK is likely to be phased out during 2016 because the USA one has better performance.

If your server is based in the USA follow this link: USA based mail using Thunderbird

If your server is based in Europe follow this link: European based mail using Thunderbird.