How to use this site

There is a lot of information on this site, both in the pages on the site, but mostly in the articles I place on the site from time to time.

It looks to be a bit thin!

Most of the site is not accessible through the main menu, this is because most of the site is in the form of articles or posts. These are categorised in one or more categories. This helps in locating related content.

As of July 2017, there were 35 pages accessible from the menu, but 182 articles. The articles grow each month.

Using the sidebar

There are a number of methods for accessing information on the site that are used in the sidebar. (Note if you are looking at this site on a mobile device the sidebar may be under the site, so scroll down to locate it.)



Firstly there is a search facility. If you are looking for something specific use the search option and place one or two keywords in there.



Below that is a dropdown called “Articles” If you click on this you can see how many articles relate to the categories listed. Click on a category and you will see the articles listed in short form. You can then decide which ones to look at.

Article Categories

category cloud

This is a category cloud. Each category is listed in text form. The size of the text indicates how many articles are listed. If you place your cursor over the text, it will tell you numerically how many items are listed.

Subscribe to this site

If you subscribe to this site then I send you a newsletter with a roundup of the latest information each month. I do not need anything more than an email address your name and the website name. Unless we have independently communicated and I have given you full access to this site, my intended audience is those people I have built sites for and have trained.

You can also subscribe by entering your details in the box below. Note that the site will send you an email. You have to acknowledge the email to complete the process.

After clicking Subscribe please check your email account and confirm your subscription


I do not share email addresses with anyone, and do not use the email addresses for any other purpose. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Recent Articles

Recent Posts

This area of the sidebar lists the most recent articles I have written. In some cases I may add the new item as a page. If I do this I will also add a news item to indicate that the new page has been created and where to locate it.

Recent Comments

Recent comments

Most of the articles have comments enabled. All of them are moderated. If you think that the article helped you in some way, or conversely did  not, then put a comment there. It is a way of sharing feedback.

Password Protection

There are a few items on here that are password protected. They are password protected because they are only relevant to my client base. There is nothing particularly secret on the site, but if you are just browsing, I do not want to give you information that is not relevant to your specific website or email implementation. It may cause you to take action and screw something up with your email or your site. So for that reason I have kept some things private.

News and Alerts

If you are just browsing, then I suggest that you look at the News and Alerts page which is where most of the articles are located here: News and Alerts

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