Where is my editor?

Some of you may have found out by now that the standard editor in WordPress 5 has now been permanently removed and replaced with the Gutenberg editor. Now you are stuck and not sure what to do because nothing is familiar. 

For Divi users it is a bit worse because they have changed their interface as well to coincide with the release of WordPress version 5 and if you are not careful you may end up deleting your page altogether if you try to revert back to a standard editor. 

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Two bugs to watch out for

All of the websites either automatically upgrade themselves, or I initiate an upgrade on most of the Divi based sites once per week through an automatic process. 

From time to time a plugin developer will do something that creates an incompatibility on your site, or impair the performance. 

GDPR Plugin by MOOVE Agency.

Some of you have a GDPR plugin in use from MOOVE Agency. It started off as a very simple and elegant pop up which advised you of the Privacy Statement included in websites following the GDPR regulation coming into force in May. 

It worked very well for several months, and for some reason they started to change things in the plugin, and introduce some bugs. There is one at the moment that is slowing websites down. It depends on the state of the plugin on your website. 

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Password Protected Pages in Divi

On many Home-Start sites, and some of the regional charity websites I have included one or more password based pages. You can add these yourself, it is controlled in the editing view of the page or post on the right handside where it refers to Visibility. You have the following available:

  • Public
  • Public (and stick to the front page)
  • Password Protected 
  • Private

Items are normally set up as Public. If you use Public and stick to the front page, check what it does first. It may not work as you expect it to work because it relates to the template. 

Password protected pages in Divi

There is an annoying problem with password protected pages in Divi, if you try to enter one the first time you will see small writing on the left and a button on the right. On a wide screen these look totally disconnected, and not obvious. If you have a non Divi based website, you are unaffected. 

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Featured Image Posts in Divi

If you have a Divi website there have been quite a few changes to the template and organisational structure. On new sites I have created a template which can be loaded by the editor. The template contains the instructions and tips on what you need to do to create your news item. 

The guidance is all built in for you. You delete the guidance before publishing. 

It makes it all a bit easier, and will help you to achieve consistency, because you don’t do the editing on the site all of the time. I have also created a cheat sheet which contains the steps in more detail and screen shots. You can download it here:

If you want a template added to your Divi based site to help you, drop me a line, and I will make some additional changes to the way the blog or news sections work to make them more interesting to view. 

Other Divi Resources

The downloadable link below is for a PPT presentation in PDF format which explains how the layout features in Divi work. You may find this useful as well. 


More on Gutenberg…

I have been using the new editor in WordPress on my website. It is a bit of a learning journey, but I am getting the hang of it. Like most things it needs a little effort on the part of the editor to learn how to use it. 

However, I do this every day and you do not. My guidance for now, is stick with the standard editor that is currently in WordPress and leave it a few months before considering upgrading your installation. I am concerned for those of you that dip into your websites once a month or less, the learning curve is going to be too steep, and as a result websites might no longer be updated which would be a disaster. 

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Bug introduced into GDPR Cookie plugin

Latest news on this: 1/10/18 Moove Agency have reported a new update to this plugin as of 8am this morning. So this problem may resolve itself without any intervention. 

I have added a GDPR cookie plugin to some sites which provides a warning message at the bottom of the website. This has worked fine for five months up until a couple of days ago when the plugin author introduced a bug which affects how it is presented. 

It is not a critical bug, it affects presentation more than anything else, but is annoying. 

If the bottom of your website has a large white area and the text left justified on your screen tightly in the bottom left corner, then you are affected

If your site looks like this or you can see a cog in the bottom corner of your screen then you are unaffected. The cookie warning usually looks like this for first time visitors. 

GDPR Plugin by Moove Agency
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What does this mean?

Sometimes you can see a small symbol where an image should be located, why is it broken, what does it mean, and how can I fix it?

Missing image symbol is at the bottom of this screen shot

What this symbol means is that there was an image referenced here and it is now no longer available. It displays this small icon to indicate it is missing. 

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Gutenberg is coming

WordPress version 5 is due out over the next couple of months, probably within a month. You may be unaware that when WordPress updates it often introduces new functionality.

New editor is coming

We are currently on version 4.9, and the move to version 5 is likely to cause a stir in the community. For the past year the WordPress users community has been complaining about a new proposed editor called Gutenberg. It has been under test for around 1yr, possibly longer.

The current editor in use in WordPress is very simple, and has been around for years. It is called TinyMCE. Gutenberg offers the possibility of taking greater control over the layout space with the ability to create blocks, and add in specific types of media. This level of complexity is possibly a step closer to what the Elegant Themes Divi template does now. Continue reading Gutenberg is comingFacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmail

Google Recaptcha version 2

Personally I use Chrome for most of the work I do from a computer. I may use MS Edge (rarely) or Firefox to test outside of the Google Chrome environment. While doing some of that testing I was surprised to see that it can be difficult to enter some information to get past this Google Recaptcha 2 screen below.

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Check your contact forms

Some time ago I mentioned that my preferred form manager of choice had been withdrawn from the WordPress plugin library. This plugin was called FS Contact Form. At the time I had not found a suitable replacement that did everything that the FS Contact Form manager did. I have resolved that now. If you have it in your installation you can check in the plugins page, or check under Settings. If you can see FS Contact Form you have it on your website.  If you can see Contact Manager in your plugins list that is even older. Also should be replaced.

There has been one instance where the FS Contact Manager plugin had stopped working. I am not sure why, it could have been related to another plugin conflicting with it. I want to encourage all of you to test your forms once per month by sending a message to yourself.  That way you can be sure it is working. Continue reading Check your contact formsFacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmail