New Tutorial Videos Added

I often find that I spend a lot of time going over the same things with different people. That was why I set up this website in the first place. If I get enough requests, then I can create a video. I have not added any since the site started, but I have just created some more, and bought some things up to date.

For full details go this page:  Video Tutorials (You will need your password to access it).

Of note, particularly for new clients are:

An introduction to Divi, this is the premium template I am using on new premium sites now. It is very flexible and powerful. I give an overview of a website, and show you from the inside how it is constructed. It is different from conventional editing that most of you are used to, but do take a look, it is the future! You can see it in Video Tutorial 11. Continue reading New Tutorial Videos Added


Adding Video

Sometimes a site can be made more interesting or effective by adding video to the site. It may be a promotional video about a service, or a fundraising video to raise awareness of the services that are provided from an organisation and where your money goes.

While some of my client base do use professionally developed videos from small specialists, it is also possible to create your own if you take a little care. Most people have video cameras, and many cameras these days have the ability to record video. If you have a DSLR then some of these can produce very high quality video in HD and above. Continue reading Adding Video