How not to take a photograph

Images on websites can carry subtle messages, and can be used to help push the key messages to viewers. I recently received some images for inclusion in a site that were taken by an enthusiastic supporter of a charity. While there were quite a few images, the ones I felt I could use were only a very small proportion.

The main reason is that a poorly formed image can actually send the wrong message to visitors on your site. Unless the image is impactful and /or appropriate, I will generally not use it.

I have listed some tips and common pitfalls where your volunteers take images for you, or you try to use them on your website.


A blurred image, particularly that part of the image that should be very sharp will not look very professional on a website. Blurred images often occur because of camera shake rather than focusing on the wrong thing. Indoor images can suffer in this way because the shutter speed is very slow (less than 1/50th of a second). You can get around this by using a flash or by using a higher ISO setting. Panasonic compact cameras offer a feature called intelligent ISO that looks after this for you. Continue reading How not to take a photograph


Mobile Phone Bills

Have you issued mobile phones in your charity?

How much do you pay each month?

If you got here looking for free stuff, this is not free, but carries the potential for being a very low cost solution. 

GiffGaff is a well established mobile service provider, it is a largely self help business model created by 02. There is a large community of users/contributors offering support. So one assumes that the business model for GiffGaff is quite efficient if you outsource a lot of the support overhead to the community of users that use the service.

If you make a mobile call from a GiffGaff phone to another GiffGaff phone then the call is free. On this basis if you keep in touch with mobile volunteers then you could significantly reduce the cost of phones by having a mobile in the office to call those in the field.  Continue reading Mobile Phone Bills