Problems with Webmail?

Over the last 4-6 weeks a few people have reported seeing an error reported by webmail. The hosting company has reviewed this some weeks back now and made changes, and now it happens less frequently. If you see any error messages while accessing website (or anywhere else) please take a screenshot (press the print screen button) and paste the screenshot into a word document, or an image file. Send it to me with the following information:

  • The time it occurred. (very important)
  • What you were doing
  • What the IP address of your computer is. You can find this out by googling “what is my IP”

Send all of that to my normal email address and I can then pursue it with the hosting company.

Right now the webmail bug is still being seen by one person, and the hosting company tells me there are no other reports about it. Without an evidence trail, or knowledge about the frequency it occurs they cannot investigate.

While errors can occur for all sorts of reasons that range from your local computer system, your service provider, your local network, or wireless connection, the internet route your traffic is taking…. Sometimes they are hosting related.

Since moving to the current hosting in March of 2017, I have raised 163 support tickets, so while the majority of these are ones I have seen and reported, I do not tend to ignore them. Neither should you.


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