Home-Start Birthday Badges

Home-Start Birthday Badges

I have built around 35 Home-Start sites over the past 3 years, many are on their second generation as I switched from HTML to WordPress 2 years ago.

For most of them, they feature a birthday badge in the sidebar. This is a graphic, and I usually place the next 3 years + worth of birthday badges in the media library so that the respective organisations can update them.

It is important to show how long an organisation has been established on your site, it says you are stable and are likely to stick around. (Regretably that is not always the case in these days of reduced funding).

Follow the link below, and you can download 25 years worth of birthday badges in a zip file. They go from 10 through to 35 years. After you have downloaded them, unzip them and keep the ones you need and discard those you do not need.

Download link to 25 anniversay badges for Home-Start:  anniversary badges

Next login and upload the balance of the images to your website.

Adding things to the widget area

If you want to place your birthday badge on a page or in a post (news item), then you do not need me to tell you how to do that, you can figure it out.

If you want to add it to, or replace the one in the sidebar then you need to do the following (there are several ways to do this, I have opted for the simplest one that most of you will be able to do):

  1. Log into your site.
  2. Go to Posts, and Add New
  3. Place your cursor in the main editing area where the content is normally added
  4. Click on the Add Media button
  5. Select the badge you want to use
  6. Insert it. Make sure the image is not linked to anything, you just want the image there on its own.
  7. In the top right of the editing window are two tabs. One is called Visual which is the default one you should be using, the second is called Text. Click on Text, and the image will disappear, but you will see the code that was added to the page that represents the image. Copy all of it. After you copy it, switch the view back to Visual mode.
  8. Go to the menu and choose Appearance. You will be warned that you are leaving a page/ post. Ignore that warning. You do not want to save the post, you only created it to copy the code.
  9. In the appearance menu you will see Widgets choose this.
  10. The widget area refers to the sidebar and sometimes the footer area as well. We are interested in the sidebar.
  11. Drag a Text Widget from the selection of different components you can add, from the group on the left and add it to the side bar at an appropriate position.
  12. Open it and then paste the copy buffer contents into the box. This is what you copied from the post you created.
  13. At this point you will probably have two badges, So first save the widget you have been working on, then view your site paying attention to the sidebar.
  14. Identify the order of the badges, then go back to Appearance, Widgets and locate the text widget with the old badge in it and carefully delete it. I say carefully because there might be something else in there with the badge. You only want to delete the code that referred to the old badge nothing else. If you are worried about doing this, simply copy the code and save it in an independent text file. If you do that you can always paste it back later if something is now broken.
  15. Save it and then check your changes.

If you get stuck contact me, and I will sort it out for you.



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  1. Thanks Mark – I have changed our birthday badge to 31 years and all went smoothly! Laura is also now on as an admin. I hope she has also signed up to your newsletter site – but I forward her the emails anyway and have shown her your tutorials. I love keeping the site up now – it is soooooo easy!

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