Where to go for free images

Free image from Unsplash.com by rawpixel

For those of you with Divi based templates on your sites, images have become more important as they can spice up your websites. I subscribed to Adobe Stock images at around £20 per month for a year, which I am now regretting as I have 120 credits and nowhere I can use them. While the images are excellent, there are other sources, many of them free, and for those of you in the NFP/ Charity sector, as we know paying for an image is a luxury you can ill afford. 

So here are two places I have been using. You probably have to sign up to both, but there is no money involved unless you wish to buy the contributor  a coffee or make a donation. However the images are licensed for free use.


Pixabay which you can locate and book mark here:  https://pixabay.com/en/ has a good selection of professionally taken images. I have submitted some of mine to this website as a way of saying thanks. 


Unsplash which you can locate and bookmark here: https://unsplash.com/ has a wide range of professionally taken images too. 

As an example of how to use sites like these, you need to enter some tags associated with the image you are looking for. So for example if I was looking for a volunteering themed image I would search for the keyword Volunteer. This is what comes back. (click to see a filtered view based on the keyword Volunteering) 

Warning 🙂

The images on sites like these are full size, and suitable for adding to printed documents. Before you use them on your website remember to reduce them to a manageable size. Typically between 1000 px to 500 px wide depending on where you wish to use it.