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I have been using the new editor in WordPress on my website. It is a bit of a learning journey, but I am getting the hang of it. Like most things it needs a little effort on the part of the editor to learn how to use it. 

However, I do this every day and you do not. My guidance for now, is stick with the standard editor that is currently in WordPress and leave it a few months before considering upgrading your installation. I am concerned for those of you that dip into your websites once a month or less, the learning curve is going to be too steep, and as a result websites might no longer be updated which would be a disaster. 

So if in the future when WordPress updates to version 5 which will be soon, and you don’t recognise the editor, look on the Dashboard and if you can see the following, or something similar to the image below. (This screenshot is from your current version of WordPress).  Click on the Install the Classic Editor for now. 

Click on the image to see a larger version

When you do this it will install the classic editor into your site, and when WordPress updates automatically, your editor will remain largely unchanged.