… is not JUST webmail

I thought I would make some comments here following some conversations I have had recently with people. There may be some misunderstandings.

Multiple 10GB mail boxes

If you are using the mail accounts provided with the hosting, the mail boxes are each 10GB in size. While you can access them through this address: https://stackmail.com you can also access them through ANY device with a mail client (aka mail program).

I personally access my mail account on the following devices:

iPhone, iPad (using the native email application), Macbook using Mac mail, iMac using Mac mail, Windows 7 desktop running Outlook & Thunderbird, Windows 10 laptop running Outlook and on any of those devices I can also use a browser to get to webmail. I also run my accounts as IMAP. This means on each device, I get the same view of my mail including any special folders I have set up. This is because I am viewing mail on the server, and not locally. If I was set up as POP3 on my clients, then the server is only used as temporary storage for mail. 

Bottom line; it is a very good mail system with lots of storage. You really should not be still using Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Google Mail or any of the free services. If you lose one of the free services (because a hacker got into your account) you will have a lot of problems getting it back, and there is nobody you can talk to.

If you are using BT or an email address that is tied to your service provider (broadband provider), you can never change service provider because you would lose your email address.

So do give it some thought, it is not a backup or second rate service, I use mine for everything, I have spam filtering turned on which is also very effective in reducing spam messages. I personally have experienced very few problems with the system. The hosting company rapidly respond if there are problems with mail.

Contact me to find out more. 


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