Nominet Messages

The following is applicable if you have a domain ending in, or .uk

Nominet are the issuing authority that manage any domain names ending in .uk. In the 7 years I have been working with Charities and not for profit groups, I have needed to contact them twice, once being a difficult case where the registrant of a domain name had passed away. The organisation represented by the domain name needed to regain control. They are very helpful, but have been largely a passive organisation; there when you need them.

I had an instance this week, which was unusual and it raises a lot of questions, none of which have been answered. However I think it is worth raising to your attention because if your domain name is registered against your email address, and they contact you and you fail to respond, or miss the mail, or ignore it, then you risk your website and email being taken offline. 

I can only assume that security is something that is increasingly important, and evidence that someone is active behind every domain name and is a “real person” and can be proved to be associated with the organisation may now be something that we have to prove.

The mail appears to come from an automated system, it did come from Nominet, so not a spoof message. It was associated with a case ID.  I have included the email below, click on it so you can read it.

Click on the image to make it readable

In this case I have been looking after the domain name without any issues for several years, so there was nothing that I am aware of that would cause someone to question the integrity of the details behind the domain name.

I checked in with the  non profit group who had no registered premises, and were a group of volunteers, and then wrote to Nominet. I have received a response to acknowledge the details associated with the domain name, so it is relatively easy to fix.

I checked with the hosting company who said they had received a few of these messages for other clients, and it may be the case that some new automated random process is underway to check the integrity of registered information.

The bottom line

If you receive one of these do not treat it as junk mail, and do not delay. If you are unsure forward it to me and I will confirm if it is genuine or not. However if you do fail to respond to Nominet on an enquiry of this nature, it is highly likely that if you ignored a message like this then Nominet may block your domain name which will stop your website and email from working.


You can check the details behind your domain name and whether they are public or not by going to here. Enter your domain name in the box (without http://) and it will tell you who the registrant is. If you want yours changed (assuming I am looking after it for you) let me know, I will need to know the details of the person to add. This is vitally important if the current registrant is someone that set up your systems, but has now moved on. This is something that is often overlooked.