Home-Start Site Upgrade Offer

This offer is specifically for those websites that I have built based on the “Home-Start Lite” template I developed, of which there are now five versions. These sites are limited to 14 pages “off the shelf” and customised/ localised for satellite offices.

I have built  version 5 of the Home-Start lite website in August and have released my first site for Home-Start Lisburn. You can see the site here: https://homestartlisburn.org.uk or click on the screen shot below.

Version 5 of Home-Start Lite site

The upgrade offers some significant benefits. It is based on the Divi Template, and works particularly well on mobile devices which is increasingly important. There are a lot of dynamic elements you can use within the template such as the changing numbers on the home page of the Lisburn website. The site foundation is used on many leading designs currently.

Do you have one of these designs?

If you have a site that is based on either of these two designs, or even the very first HTML version I created, I can move you to this template to bring your site up to date.

The offer is available in September only and may be extended into October. One off cost: £120.

Many of the sites I have built were based on the Home-Start Lite core, and had additional content added in to them. If you have one of these with more than 14 pages please contact me and I will advise you how much it will cost to update.

Unlike other template changes, this is more complex because I have to deconstruct the website first before reassembling it. I will retain most of your content, and you will not lose anything in the process.


While the new site is more complex, it is also intuitive to follow and has an intermediate layer for layout which you do not have with your current website. Existing editors should not have any issues editing the new site. As always training is provided.

Contact me for more details.


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