Facebook Feed

I have recently been around all of the websites and backed up everything locally on my systems. I do this generally every three months and also check the site infrastructure to make sure everything is up to date.

I can see some people prefer to use Facebook for news rather than the news page on the website. This is understandable for two reasons. Your audience if it is under 35yrs is more likely to be active in Social Media than the group that is above 35yrs. In practice it is a good idea to add news to the site and to add entries to your facebook group page linking them back to the website by copying the link to the news item on your site to Facebook.  Here you fix two problems. One is the duplication of news, you don’t want to write everything twice. The other is catering for two audiences.

Why not show your Facebook Feed on your website?

I have come across a plugin from Web Dorado that does just that. The major benefit with the Web Dorado plugin is that it also brings across images from Facebook, some of the other ones I have used, you only got that functionality when you paid for it.

An example of this working can be seen on this page: https://prestwoodva.org.uk/pva-facebook-feed/  here I have created a page and added an introduction to show that the organisation is on Facebook and how to join it. Below this is a framed area which contains the last 10 facebook items.

It is not very difficult to set up. You need to log into your website, go to Plugins in the menu, add new, then search for the following: Facebook Feed WD. Install it and then activate it.

If you look at the menu in the dashboard you will find a new entry called Facebook Feed WD. You can set it up there. While it looks complicated, all you need to do is add the link to your facebook page/ group. Once you have done that, you can grab a shortcode that is generated. Paste this into a page somewhere, and when the page is rendered by the browser you will see your facebook feed.

I can appreciate this may be complex to some people, so if you are active on Facebook, and would like a news feed on your website, but are not sure what to do, contact me and I will help.