Where is my editor?

Some of you may have found out by now that the standard editor in WordPress 5 has now been permanently removed and replaced with the Gutenberg editor. Now you are stuck and not sure what to do because nothing is familiar. 

For Divi users it is a bit worse because they have changed their interface as well to coincide with the release of WordPress version 5 and if you are not careful you may end up deleting your page altogether if you try to revert back to a standard editor. 

There are two steps to this post. The first is generic, the second is Divi specific. If you don’t know what Divi is, then you do not need to know about the second part of the solution. Those of you with Divi based sites will know who you are. In all cases start at Step 1. 

Step 1

Don’t panic, and don’t try to edit anything if you cannot figure out what you need to do. 

Go to the plugins page and choose New. This will take you to a page where you can add a plugin to your site. If you cannot see it already on the page select Classic Editor.  

Add the editor to your WordPress installation and activate it. 

That’s it. It will turn off Gutenberg, and turn on the old editor. If you now go to a page or post you can edit it (unless you are using a Divi based site). 

Step 2 (for DIVI users only)

While logged into the site look for DIVI in the side menu and choose it

You will see a form with several tabs at the top. Choose the tab called Builder (after General, Navigation, Builder below)

You will see another set of parameters on the next form. Irrespective of how it is set up when you arrive do the following:

  • Enable Static CSS File Generation
  • Enable Output Styles inline
  • Enable Classic Editor

(Product Tour is enabled automatically, we don’t need to worry about that one.)

Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on SAVE CHANGES

That’s it you are all done. 

Still stuck, drop me a line through my contact us page

(incidentally this page was created with the Gutenberg editor, so if you do have the time, it is worth persisting with, however I recognise that none of you are editing websites daily, so stick with what you are familiar with.