Hosting Costs Change

Since I started providing hosting and email for everyone I have been providing it for £48 per year, with a few exceptions where there was high usage or multiple accounts. I have not increased those charges for six years. With GDPR coming in, there are some additional measures that can be made to help protect the integrity of your website.

With effect from April 1st 2018 , all hosting renewals will increase to £5 per month, £60 per year. Currently within the hosting arrangement all sites are backed up each week and several copies week’s worth of copies are stored in the hosting, generally between 3 and 6. I also visit each site and check it four times a year, so my service is a little more than just providing space on a server. 

Encrypted remote backups

Throughout 2019 I will be upgrading everyone so that backups are stored off hosting in an independent account and encrypted as well. I have bought 1TB of cloud storage, this is one of the reasons for increasing the hosting charges. Each entity will have independent access to this space on request so that they can  take a backup copy for their own purposes. Or if desired restore their site. I will hold a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 weeks of backups on a rolling basis. Even if you have a large site.

When your hosting renewal comes around I will provide you with more details and ask you for an encryption phrase, and send out information on how it works.