Forum Introduction

In August 2017 I placed Forums on my services website to see if people would use it to seek support, and ask more general questions. It seemed to me that as I work and support with so many charitable organisations across the UK that it might be useful to set up a location where ideas can be shared. Particularly as I throw so many out there over the course of a year.

Forums are only visible to registered users

These forums are only visible if you register to access them. I have decided not to make this area publically visible because I work with a closed community, and much of what I do is very specific to that closed community.  The information I provide to my users is specific to their installations, websites and mail systems. It is not going to be of much interest to the general public, and for that reason many of those pages are password protected.

Within this section of the website are currently (as of August 2017) three forums. A general one for everyone. One specific to serve the interests of Home-Start users, and a third specific to the interests of Child Contact Centre users. I have built around sixty websites for these two groups over the past 6 years and as such they have very specific audiences and needs.  I have created the opportunity for these groups to share ideas and support each other, with the hope that they may all grow stronger as a result.

Why might this be useful?

In terms of providing support for your organisation and your website, it provides you with an opportunity to write your question in a forum and share it with others. If the question is of a generic nature, then others may be able to help you. Perhaps they hit the same problem, and solved it. Additionally the question may have already been raised and answered. It is also possible to search within the forum as well before placing a question online.

It costs nothing to join, and nothing to participate. I anticipate that this might also be useful for two of the satellite charitable groups that I support (Home-Start and NACCC Child Contact Centres) to connect them together. Some charities have lots of great ideas in engaging their local communities such as using social media and using their site’s news pages effectively. If some of those people could step forward, it could help others to learn best practices too.

Who is eligible to join?

I very much regret that I cannot open this forum up to the general public. It is there for clients of Wingrove-Media; web editors and staff from organistions I have built websites for and a very small number of invited guests. Please do not apply to join if you do not know who I am, and we do not have any formal relationship. I moderate all of the registration forms. If I don’t know you, you will not be activated in the system.

To apply to join please go to here: Registration Page

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