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Fill in the form below. This will generate an email to me, and I will activate you on the system within 72hrs if you are eligible to join it.

The forum is a free service provided as part of the support network for clients of Wingrove-Media. In order to be eligible to use this service you need to meet one of the following criteria:

  • You have been invited to join
  • You are a current client of Wingrove-Media
  • I have built your website but you are hosting it somewhere else

Forum Etiquette

The service is provided without warranty on a best effort basis to help charities throughout the UK seek solutions to problems and share ideas.

Please treat others in the forum as you would like to be treated. The internet is regrettably a place where bad manners is all too readily tolerated, largely because of anonymity. While you may be anonymous to anyone else on this system, you are not anonymous to me.

Any abusive, intolerant, profane or any other non constructive comments will be removed and the account for the person that put them there will be removed.

Sorry to be tough on this, but there is a risk that a system like this may contain comments that are offensive just because some people can be like that. I cannot moderate all comments before they are placed online, so I have to trust everyone to be reasonable, and use it as it is intended: to help people and to help one another.

Only fill in this form if I built your website.

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