Changes to Updraftplus

In another article on this site I refer to some issues with Updraftplus the backup plugin we use on all sites. One of the things that has happened over the past three months is the settings have been corrupted.  Where this has happened there are a wide range of symptoms, I will not go into them here.

Reset the configuration

I have been advised by Updraftplus to reset the configuration (effectively means erase the settings and set them up again). If your site was backing up to an external dropbox that either I set up for you, or you set up, it is no longer doing so. The settings for your dropbox authentication have been lost as a result of the reset process. I could not avoid it. 

New Dropbox Professional Account

I have taken out a Dropbox Professional account which has 1TB of online storage. By the end of April every website will create, send and maintain between 4 and 6 weeks’ worth of backups to this independent offsite location. With a Dropbox Professional it is possible to go back 120 days as well.

So my first point is don’t worry about losing your dropbox account, in some cases you were having to compromise how many copies you were holding because of the size of a free dropbox. In my system you have a minimum of 4 weeks of backups irrespective of the size of the backup.

I can grant you access to your folder if you wish to retain a local copy. If you want access to your backup please contact me.

With this in place, it means that I can in theory recover your site if it is hacked from anywhere where there is a decent internet connection.

Consider Encryption

We should start to consider encryption on all backup files. Especially with GDPR coming in. This needs to be handled very carefully. Because you and I need to know the encryption sequence. If it is lost or one party changes it the backup is useless. I have not done this yet, but if you wish to use encryption, I can set an encryption sequence for you, share it with you, set it up, and also lock down the settings in Updraftplus so it cannot be changed. If you are interested in that please refer to this article where there are several checks that need to be made, and configurations checked.


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