Adding a signature to webmail

I  had a question about how to add a signature to webmail. A signature allows you to pre-compose part of your message, and for this to be added to any standard email. So in other words you do not need to write the end of your email each time.   This is a feature that is in Thunderbird, Outlook and many other mail programs. It will be buried in the features somewhere. At the end of this piece I will tell you where you can locate it in Outlook. For now this concentrates on Webmail.

What is Webmail?

Webmail is simply an application that runs in your browser and allows you to access (send and receive) email. It is very basic, but will meet most people’s needs without having to splash out for a mail program. Everyone in my hosting has access to this.

First login to the webmail system which you can do so here, you will need your email address and password to go beyond the login page. Note this page will open in a new browser window so you will not lose your place here.  (this is the login address).

You will see a screen similar to this after you login.

Next click on Settings

on the next screen click on Identities and select your email account under the Identities Column  and your screen will look similar to the one below.

Scroll down so you can clearly see the box associated with the Signature.

In the area marked Enter Something in here you can now compose the signature you wish to see at the bottom of all of your emails. Below I have added a signature starting from Yours sincerely,   …..

It includes a name, an address, a telephone number, web address and a warning about the fidelity of email!

When you have completed the changes to the Signature area of the email you need to click on Save. Once saved, this text is now added to the bottom of your emails when you compose a new one.

In the screen below I have created a new email. You can see the email footer is added automatically, so I do not need to add anything into the email. It is all done for me. 

MS Outlook

If you use MS Outlook for email then you can do the same thing from your regular email client. To do that you need to go to the following location:

In the menu at the top of your screen choose File, then Outlook Options, this will bring up a form. Look at the third item on the form and it will allow you to create a signature for emails. In Outlook it is much more sophisticated.