Two bugs to watch out for

All of the websites either automatically upgrade themselves, or I initiate an upgrade on most of the Divi based sites once per week through an automatic process. 

From time to time a plugin developer will do something that creates an incompatibility on your site, or impair the performance. 

GDPR Plugin by MOOVE Agency.

Some of you have a GDPR plugin in use from MOOVE Agency. It started off as a very simple and elegant pop up which advised you of the Privacy Statement included in websites following the GDPR regulation coming into force in May. 

It worked very well for several months, and for some reason they started to change things in the plugin, and introduce some bugs. There is one at the moment that is slowing websites down. It depends on the state of the plugin on your website. 

If you are concerned about slow performance let me know and I will check. Unfortunately the problem in various guises has been going on for over 6 weeks now with various updates to patch things, then they cause another problem. If it continues to persist then I will remove it, write my own equivalent to do the same thing, or use a different one. It is not doing anything sophisticated in our cases. 

Use of Caches and Accelerators

In many cases I am using a Caching plugin on most sites to help to speed them up. In one case this week there has been a conflict between the caching plugin operation and the hosting system both using Gzip to compress the content of the website before it is passed to the end users browser. In this case the content was compressed once with the caching plugin, then Gzip was applied a second time by the hosting system before being passed to the browser. 

What happens in the browser is it unzips it once, but it does not know it needs unzipping again. You end up with a corrupted website. The fix is to zip it up once, not something I would expect you to know, but if your website is suddenly damaged in some way or corrupted in some way this is the likely reason. 

The primary fix is to login to the website and turn off any caching plugin that is currently in use. That will resolve it almost immediately. Then let me know, and I will find an alternative caching plugin. At the moment I am favouring W3 Total Cache as a preferred cache, but it does depend on your site’s hosting configuration.